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[Garage Kit] Meteorite Monster Garamon/Reprint Edition/Soft Vinyl Kit/1/200 Scale/Kaiyodo

[Garage Kit] Meteorite Monster Garamon/Reprint Edition/Soft Vinyl Kit/1/200 Scale/Kaiyodo

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This is one of Kaiyodo's representative monster figures.
The prototype was created by Eito Hara, a legendary sculptor who was active in the early days of garage kits and created many masterpiece monster models.

While recreating the props (kigurumi) from the play, Garamon has a unique charm that goes beyond just reproducing the costume and incorporates the mysterious original taste drawn by Mr. Narita.

Note ●This product is called a garage kit, and is a model kit that is a precise and realistic three-dimensional version of the original image.
●The photos and illustrations displayed on the package of this product are colored finished products or illustrations of the product, and may differ from the actual state of the product.
● Instant adhesive is required for assembly. It is not included in the kit and must be purchased separately.
●A utility knife, hair dryer, etc. will be used for assembly, so please handle with care to avoid injury or burns.
●Please read the precautions and assembly instructions carefully before assembly.
●Target age 15 years or older

This product is a reproduction of the garage kit and is produced using the same manufacturing method using existing molds.
Therefore, please note that the molding quality (bubbles and distortion) and inspection standards remain at the same level as the "soft vinyl garage kit" at the time.

Notes regarding images of published works <br>Depending on the model and settings of your device (mobile or computer), the color tone may look different from the actual one. Please understand this before considering.

Soft vinyl, unpainted assembly kit Size: Height approx. 25.5cm
Prototype: original poet

*This product is a kit that requires assembly and painting.
※The image is an image. Actual product may differ

Manufactured by: Kaiyodo Shimanto Soft Vinyl Factory (Kisotengai)

What is NANKOKU FACTORY Soft Vinyl Garage Kit ?A soft vinyl garage kit manufactured and produced at Kaiyodo Space Factory Nankoku in Nankoku City, Kochi Prefecture.
These are all Japan-made figures, with a wide variety of products being produced every day, from Kaiyodo's classic masterpieces to the latest works.
(C) Tsuburaya Productions

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