Greetings from the manager

Live with your dream toy

When I was young, Bullmark soft vinyl was a toy that I couldn't afford.

I remember being really jealous of my classmates who had one, only occasionally letting them play with it at a friend's house.

Then, as an adult, he picked up the bullmark again. At that moment, my childhood admiration came back to me.

"A place where you can live with the toy of your dreams. Maybe that's where you belong."

Feeling this way, I decided to open a soft vinyl specialty store in Hiroshima. This is a story from 2014.

We started looking for a property, and 70's opened in December 2015, about a year later.

At first, people told me, ``I've never heard of a store specializing in soft vinyl in the region.''

In fact, there were times when sales did not increase as expected and I was at a loss (lol)

Even so, the encouragement I received from Mr. Tsutomu, the representative of Bullmark, when I opened the store, continues to be a driving force that drives me forward, and I still use it as my guiding principle for 70's.

Message from Bullmark representative

Even if business is difficult, customers who come to the store naturally pick up the soft vinyl of the heroes and monsters that raised them when they were children, opening the door to their memories.

"It was so small," he said.
``I see, I've grown up, too,'' he says happily.

The joy of witnessing such moments over and over again was an irreplaceable joy as a toy store.

In-store images

In this way, the number of customers gradually began to increase, and visits and inquiries from other prefectures also began to increase.

I wouldn't say it was smooth sailing.
However, thankfully, we now have fans who come from all over the country and customers who come all the way from overseas to visit us.

Especially from overseas people, ``Japanese soft vinyl is delicate, beautiful, and cool.''

As stated in Bullmark's corporate policy, soft vinyl is an important tool for "listening to the voiceless."
I consider them friends, comrades, and important parts of myself.

As time progresses, I feel that soft vinyl monster dolls that originated in Japan will foster kindness and connect the world.

"I would like those who will lead the next generation to experience the charm of Japanese soft vinyl dolls."

I believe that 70's Seventies is the embodiment of that wish.

And I opened this online shop with the selfish desire to have more people come into contact with soft vinyl.

We are particular about each and every product. If there is a soft vinyl that interests you, please bring it in.

If you have a chance, please come visit our store in Hiroshima.
Thank you for reading to the end.

70's Seventies Manager Koji Michioka