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[Soft Vinyl] Charmy-chan/WD.HP2/Baby Pink/Saho Hosaka/KODAMA TOY/Kodama Toy

[Soft Vinyl] Charmy-chan/WD.HP2/Baby Pink/Saho Hosaka/KODAMA TOY/Kodama Toy

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Charmy doll/WD.HP2/Baby pink/Produced by Saho Hosaka Kodama Sangyo TOY Co., Ltd.

Size: Total height approx. 20cm

"Charmy-chan" has been manufactured and sold by Kodama Sangyo since the 1960s.
Even now in Reiwa, it is still manufactured in Tokyo.

Overseas, it has gained popularity not only as a toy but also as a cute-themed interior item.

Its appeal has spread not only within Japan but also to countries in Europe and Asia.
Suitable for the Reiwa era, we will deliver it in the popular phosphorescent version.

This color is a special color version produced by photographer Saho Hosaka.

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