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[Secondary reception scheduled soon] Underground monster Baragon 450/Sakura color/70s limited/phosphorescent molding/Marusan/MARUSAN

[Secondary reception scheduled soon] Underground monster Baragon 450/Sakura color/70s limited/phosphorescent molding/Marusan/MARUSAN

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*Due to the large number of inquiries regarding this product, there is a possibility that it will be out of stock early.
*After consultation with the manufacturer, if the item is out of stock, we will be accepting secondary reservations soon.
*Please register and log in to your account in advance.
* Japan Only

Dear International Soft Vinyl Fans
Thank you for your interest in our Baragon.
After discussing with Marusan, we are planning to start accepting the second pre-order in the near future.
This time it was limited to Japan, but from the second pre-order, we plan to make it possible to ship to overseas customers.
Please continue to wait for further information.
We are very happy that you are interested in Japanese soft vinyl.
Best regards
70's staff

[Product information]
Baragon 450 Sakura color (70s custom color) Luminous molding

【Product Details】

From the extremely popular Marsan 450 series, we have decided to release our long-awaited custom-made Baragon 450.

Pre-orders for this will start from noon on Wednesday, March 20th .

The absolute loveliness of Marusan 450's Baragon comes with a phosphorescent body and cherry blossom-inspired coloring that we aspired to.

The Reiwa era Baragon that I dreamed of is completed. Enjoy Baragon morning, noon and night.

We would like to express our gratitude to Marusan and all the companies involved for making this product plan come true.

Sales will end when the specified quantity is reached, so please consider purchasing as soon as possible.

Product size: Total height approx. 30cm
Luminous molding/pink (Sakura) color specifications

*Shipping is scheduled for mid-May. *Early orders will end when the specified number of orders is reached. *Please note that orders cannot be canceled.

[Other points to note]
Please place one order per person. Please note that if you order multiple items, we will cancel your order.

・The photo is a reference image. Although the specifications are the same as the product you receive, please note that there may be individual differences in the finish coating from the product you actually receive.

・All products are handmade by craftsmen, and individual differences are proof of this. We hope that you will understand the individual differences between each one as a warm taste.

・The package is only a protective material to protect the product itself. Please understand in advance that even if the product is damaged, it will not be eligible for exchange or return.

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