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[Reservation acceptance: 3/31〆] Nuppeppo/Glow in the dark yellow/Kaiki Risa's Nuppeppo series/Kaiki Kobo/Kaiki Risa

[Reservation acceptance: 3/31〆] Nuppeppo/Glow in the dark yellow/Kaiki Risa's Nuppeppo series/Kaiki Kobo/Kaiki Risa

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【Product introduction】
Pre-orders for the monster soft vinyl ``Nuppeppou - 5 Colors of Glow in the Dark'' by monster sculptor Risa Kaiki will begin at noon on Sunday, March 17th, with a limit of 50 pieces .

The order period is until 24:00 on Sunday, March 31st . Early termination available.

I made the Yokai Nuppeppo into a soft vinyl doll.
It is characterized by a plump and cute butt.
Nuppeppo softly glows in the dark, illuminating the room slightly.

*There may be air bubbles.
*Since it is painted by hand, there may be slight differences in the painting.

[Mysterious Risa's Nuppeppo series (5 types in total)]
Height: approx. 8.5cm
Material: Soft vinyl Prototype: Mysterious Risa Colors: 5 types of phosphorescence: Nuppeppo, phosphorescent red, nuppeppo, phosphorescent blue, nuppeppo, phosphorescent yellow, nuppeppo, phosphorescent green, nuppeppo, phosphorescent pink

*Shipping is scheduled for mid-May *Early acceptance will end when the specified number of orders is reached *Please note that orders cannot be canceled.

[Mysterious modeling Kaiki Risa]
Kaiki Risa
Born in 1991 in Kyoto Prefecture. Mysterious modeling artist. Since childhood, he has loved living things and making things.
After working at an advertising company, he began working as a sculptor. He produces garage kits and soft vinyl, and also holds garage kit classes for beginners.

[About Soft Vinyl Nuppeppo ]
Nuppeppo is a Japanese yōkai that appears in yōkai emaki such as Gazū Hyakki Yagyō and Hyakkai Zumaki.
It is characterized by its unique posture, with its abdomen protruding directly from its neck, and its face and body wrinkles are indistinguishable, making it look like a single lump of flesh.
There are many mysteries in the yokai emaki as there are only pictures and names, but the 1781 joke book ``Shingo Sade Hodai Blind Gyu'' says, `` There is a monster called Nuppeppo. It has no eyes or ears. '' It is also considered to be a type or prototype of Nopperabou.
Nuppeppo was deformed by Risa Kaiki and features a plump and cute butt.
This time, in addition to the existing 3 colors, we have released 5 colors with phosphorescent molding, including 2 new colors.

[Other notes]
Please place one order per person. Please note that if you order multiple items, we will cancel your order.

・The photo is a reference image. Although the specifications are the same as the product you receive, please note that there may be individual differences in the finish coating from the product you actually receive.

・All products are handmade by craftsmen, and individual differences are proof of this. We hope that you will understand the individual differences between each one as a warm taste.

・The package is only a protective material to protect the product itself. Please understand in advance that even if the product is damaged, it will not be eligible for exchange or return.

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