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[Reservations accepted: 3/25〆] Kurekure UMA Creti/70s limited SAKURA color/skin color molding/calmys toy

[Reservations accepted: 3/25〆] Kurekure UMA Creti/70s limited SAKURA color/skin color molding/calmys toy

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【Product introduction】
Calmys Toy, an up-and-coming soft vinyl artist from Hiroshima who has been working quietly underground and gained popularity for his gentle creations, has made his grand debut at Hiroshima's soft vinyl specialty store 70's.

As the first release, pre-orders for “Kurekure UMA Series Kreti” are available, limited to 50 pieces. Starts at noon on Friday, February 23rd .

The color scheme is SAKURA color specification, which is inspired by a mountain of cherry blossom buds (Tsubazakurayama). This is a Seventies limited color scheme.

The order period is until 24:00 on Monday, March 25th . Early termination available.

Pre-orderers will receive a Calmys Toy sticker and a bonus set of 2 "Okobore-kun" (random colors) made from soft vinyl Bali to commemorate their first debut. Don't miss this opportunity.

Product size: Total height approx. 8.5cm
Flesh color molding/pink (SAKURA) color specifications

*Shipping is scheduled for mid-May. *Early orders will end when the specified number of orders is reached. *Please note that orders cannot be canceled.

[Hearsay about Creti's ecology]
The Creti is a member of the Bigfoot and Yeti family and is classified as an unidentified animal (UMA). There have been a number of incidents in which people have witnessed Creti while climbing in mountains all over the country, and have been begged for things by Creti.

It has a small, stocky body about 1 meter long, and is characterized by a body covered in hair and short, large limbs.

The Creti are known as the Thakali tribe, and are said to live by begging for things from people and sharing the harvest with their friends. Some live in groups, while others live individually, and there seem to be differences in lifestyle depending on the mountain.

There are two variations in the color of the fur on its body; one color is symbolic of the mountain where it lives. Another feature is that it changes depending on the number of objects hit.

Some Creti have a condition where their fur changes color depending on the number of things they have begged for, and that color is called ``Oni''. For example, the demons seem to be hierarchical, like blue demons, red demons, green demons, black demons, silver demons, gold demons, etc.

When you are with Creti, you may be able to obtain various spills by cooperating with your companions. Also, the amount of spills differs depending on the class, and some can be obtained from Creti of a specific color.

The details of their sex and reproduction are unknown, making them a mysterious creature with many aspects that have yet to be elucidated.

[What is calmys toy]
A cutting-edge soft vinyl maker by Mr. Kawamura from Hiroshima.
As the name "calmys toy" suggests, we started producing soft vinyl in 2021 with the hope that people will pick it up, play with it, and feel calm.
Please find some ``calm relief'' from your busy daily life from Carmy's Toys.

[Other notes]
Please place one order per person. Please note that if you order multiple items, we will cancel your order.

・The photo is a reference image. Although the specifications are the same as the product you receive, please note that there may be individual differences in the finish coating from the product you actually receive.

・All products are handmade by craftsmen, and individual differences are proof of this. We hope that you will understand the individual differences between each one as a warm taste.

・The package is only a protective material to protect the product itself. Please understand in advance that even if the product is damaged, it will not be eligible for exchange or return.

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